Insurance Broker Cuyahoga County Ohio

  Oversees Appointments, Fiduciaries, Investments, Federal
  Regulation Compliance Guidance

          Chief Executive Officer and Licensee - National Director responsible for
     Commercial Contracting & Appointments, On-boarding Certifications,
           Compliance Issues, Implementations, publications and communications.

   Oversees Daily Operations, monitors Production, core-vale
adherance, supports team objectives

   Senior Sales Officer - responsible for evaluating productivity, recruiting,
   training and supporting daily operations, oversees budgetary restraints
                    and meeting corporate profitability objectives and expectations.

    Oversee Makerting & Advertising, Media communications, Outreach
    Programs, and Community Development

     Senior Marketing Officer - responsible for research and development
  of a cohesive marketing and advertising strategy to increase brand
    awareness and use innovative skills to build commnity relationships.

      Oversees Financial Operations, assess financial risks, monitors
   transactions, and sets financial budgets.

     Senior Financial Officer - responsible for managing daily financial
     transactions, tracks commission payments, and tracks corporate
     cash flow, stores accounting data and prepare financial reports.
 Principal Broker (chairman)
Vice President of  Sales
Vice President of Marketing
Chief Financial Officer
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    Providing "Insurance Protections"  that spans across every
    stage of life with a focus on families and on small business.

Our Team genuinely cares about every-one of Our Clients
and we work hard to earn your trust and resolve any issues.

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and some industry experience,
    we would like to discuss with you: Our Lead Program and performance bonuses,
    If you are interested, Please forward us your resume, cover sheet and references.
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