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Affordable Life Insurance - starting at $10 per year!

A Life Policy is more than just money left behind to loved-ones, because many life policies also have 'Living Benefits' such as; nursing-care, hospital confinement, hospice care, etc..
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    1. Add up the cost that you reasonably estimate, to cover
        all your expenses and provide income to your family.

    2. Now, subtract the funds that you already have set-aside.

    3. To cover the remaining amount, consider an Life Policy
        to help fill the gap, between what you have, and need.

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      Note:    Some Term Policies can convert to a Whole Life Policy
                     and that's generally at the end of the term.

 Term Coverage - is a good insurance-strategy, to cover a certain duration
                                  or purpose. It offers the maximum coverage amounts
                                  for the lesser premium, designed for a length of time

 Final Expense -    a good-strategy for persons already over a certain age,
                                taking responsibility for their memorial costs, and not
                                leave that financial burden to their family and friends.
                                Typically used as a stand-alone policy, or can be used
                                in addition to Employer's Benefits or Business Partners.
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Whole Life -  is also a good-strategy to a build long term asset, as it
                                  accumulates growth in cash-value over time. Withdrawl
                                  is available, in the need ever arises, under certain terms.
   Annunities -   is an excellent choice for growth and life-time payments
                           that's tax-deferred, and generally has a higher rate of
                           interest over the low-risk bond market.

Shell Point Retirement Community
        Are Financial Documents in order

   Bank statements, Mortgage, Insurance, Gvt Benefits,
   Loans,  Trusts, Credit Cards, Safety Deposit,  Debts,
   Real Estate Investments, Stocks, Bonds, etc..
     Have  enough  funds  set  aside ?

     Memorial, Burial, Cemetary & Plot, headstone..
     any debts: (Past & Present, including hospital)
  for loved-ones and/or favorite charity.
If you knew, Tomorrow was your last day,
what would you do different today?
Strategic Plannig - is Key
Life   Coverage
Generational  Wealth - our responsible contribution

What are we really leaving behind for the next Generation?
A Lump-sum cash-asset is an effective financial strategy
   to change the playing-field for the Next Generation. 
     It is our responsibility and we have the capability.
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