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   Telemedicine - allows access to a Health Professional without the waiting a room via  
    smart phone, tablet or computer. Similar to an office visit they can take your symptoms,
    perform an exam, make  recommendations for  labs or treatments right from your home.

    HMO  or PPO -
  Most Americans who have health insurance are enrolled in some type
      of managed care plan, most common are either an HMO Plan (health maintenance
      organization) or a PPO (preferred provider organization) Plan. Generally HMO's have a
      smaller network and may require PCP authorizations, where PPO's have a much broader
      network, and without prior authorizations, but have a greater cost share for services.

    CDC finds:
Fentanyl - remains America's deadliest drug,  A report from the CDC's
      National Center for Health Statistics found that more than 70,000 people died from
      drug overdoses in 2017, and fentanyl accountedfor 38.9% of the deaths, up 29%
      from in 2016, making it the deadliest drug in the US.  

      Fentanyl played a role in most overdose deaths in the eastern US, while methamphetamine
      was the drug most commonly linked to overdose fatalities in western parts of the country.
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